Happy Friday internet users! Today’s round-up has quite a theme as you’ll soon see.

Here at SilverEGG, we love lists. To-do lists, lists for each client and reading lists, which include all the awesome articles we want to read each week. But what we love more is content that really helps us. Content that answers our questions and provides value for us; because ultimately, Google’s aim is to provide us with the content that we’re searching for. So that’s what we’re doing for you today.


In The World of SEO, Content Is King on Digital Marketing Magazine


There is a lot of emphasis put on keywords in the world of SEO. But what isn’t realised sometimes is that there is so much more to SEO than that. That’s what we enjoyed about this article. Google’s algorithms (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird), have given content its status back again, so content marketing is being put in the spotlight. The writer of this article helps you to understand how to go about using SEO when creating content.


5 SEO Tools No Marketer Can Afford To Ignore on AXONN


Out there on the worldwide web we can come across a lot of tools, usually recommended by industry experts. The problem is that there are a lot of resources available to us. So how do we know where to start? This article provides you with five tools within the industry that you can’t do SEO without.


On-Site and Off-Site SEO Explained on SEOCOPILOT


SEO is always changing, so it’s really important to stay ahead in the industry. If you’re new to the field or simply want to learn more about it, this article is a great starting point. On-site and off-site technical audits are important for any site, and here, it’s explained exactly what they are.


Hiring For SEO: How To Find And Hire Someone With Little Or No Experience on the Moz Blog


Do you ever find it useful when go through a hiring stage to look at other job advertisements and see the different skills they ask for? Maybe it’s a good way of finding out who really knows their SEO. People with these skills are in high demand. This article reminds you that you don’t necessarily need to hire an all-singing, all-dancing SEO consultant – the more someone learns, the better they will be.


9 Actionable Content Marketing Tips From Top Industry Experts on Forbes


We all know in the online world that content marketing is becoming increasingly more effective. Don’t believe us? Forbes pulls together tips from the pros on why your business should you use.


How To Build A Loyal Audience For Your Company’s Content


We said last week how much we love infographics, so of course we’ve included one in this week’s round-up. Loyal audiences are the key to keep businesses growing – no we won’t stop nagging about it. But sometimes, it’s more effective to talk about it with images so here you go.


How To Unleash The Power Of Content by Jeff Bullas


What could be better than an infographic? A presentation of course. This uses images and short sentences to go with them to inspire you to come up with ideas to get your audience to share your content.


The Cat Content Wars


This new magazine publication wants to bring the world’s cat obsession into a print form. Who are we to argue?



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