If we told you all our insider tips and tricks, we’d have to swear you to secrecy. Some of that we just can’t give away. But we can let you in on a few secrets – secrets that will help you understand not just what a digital marketing agency does, but why you need one.

Advertising is in decline and has been for years. It’s not enough for businesses to put their advertisement in a newspaper and be done with it. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Advertising now is about targeting the customers yourself. How do you do that? Through a digital marketing agency of course.


What exactly is a Digital Marketing Agency?


It’s amazing how fast the internet has grown over the past few years, and it’s really exciting to see where it’s going to go in the future. Our job is to be at the forefront of that change.

We get inside the minds of each client to completely understand their brand. We help them to discover what it is they want to communicate and how they want to present this online. Our ultimate goal is to increase your online visibility. The more you’re seen, the more customers you get, which equals more traffic.

We know our clients want a return on their investment which is why we offer a full digital treatment, from web design to content and everything else in between.  Our aim is to be able to say to our clients, what you’re paying us for is working.

If a good, strong digital strategy is created, it marks the difference between failure and success. And for us, failure isn’t an option. We’ll tell you realistically and honestly what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

There’s no harm in asking for help and that’s exactly why we’re here.


Who Makes Up Our Team?


SilverEGG is growing. This year, we’re planning on hiring more talented staff to help us manage our increasing list of clients. The more people we have, the more work we can do for your business. But over the past few months, we’ve brought together a team of people that really know their stuff.

Our Account Manager has two jobs – he oversees all the work we do, plus he brings more clients on board. And he also designs some pretty good websites. This is the person that can help you understand exactly what we need to do in order for your business to become more visible online.

Next up, we have our SEO Consultant – technology to him is like his first language. He knows all the software and tools that will help any digital marketing process. His car registration plate even says SEO. Yeah, we know.

Our two Graphic Designers have an eye for detail. They create clean, contemporary designs and have unique ideas for every project. They’ve mastered the art of Photoshop and are aware of every single element that makes up a good design.

Finally, we have our two Content Writers, myself included. But we don’t just write – we research, edit, optimise, promote and ensure that each piece of content we create adds true value for each client’s audience.

So as you can see, we’re only a small team but it really works that way. The best Digital Marketing Agencies are those made up of a tight-knit group of people who are experts in their field. Together, we bring you a wealth of knowledge and a totally new experience.


What Do We Do?


Graphic Design




We know a good design increases the credibility of a brand. But what’s the definition of a good design?

Usually, a client has an image in their head of what they want their website to look like. But the problem isn’t having an idea – it’s seeing the idea come to life. That’s exactly what our graphic designers do.

One of the first things that happens when a new client comes on board involves our designers completing a really detailed brief. We’re talking four or five pages worth of details. They’ll talk you through colour schemes, typography, images, logos and everything else that goes into design. They make sure that every box is ticked and never miss anything out.

They understand that design means a hell of a lot when it comes to online visibility. If you didn’t like the design of a website, would you stay on it? Probably not. But the good thing is we know what makes a good design.

Our graphic designers spend their days on Photoshop and have mastered its art. They work fast and hard. They come up with their own ideas before you’ve even thought about it. They’re always one step ahead. And they’ve got a portfolio of work to prove it.




Some people hear ‘SEO’ and tune out – it’s a word that’s thrown around so carelessly now that sometimes we can become confused with its meaning. Is it really that important? We can tell you for a fact that it is. Very important actually.

If someone wants to find a digital marketing agency, where do they usually go? Or if someone is looking for the latest weather update whilst they’re sat at their computer, where do they go?

Search engines.

If your website isn’t optimised for search engines, it’s really unlikely that anyone will find you. That’s the way Google works. Yes, we know SEO isn’t the driving force behind digital marketing, but it still plays a very important role and it still needs to feature heavily in any marketing strategy.

We use special tools that help us understand how to optimise your website to appear at the top of page one on Google. Our clients help us create a list of all the keywords people might search for who are looking for a business in your industry and that way, we can include them in relevant places on your site to make the search engines love it.




We wouldn’t be a digital marketing agency if we didn’t do some form of marketing, right?

Part of what we offer our clients includes creating marketing promotions as and when they need them. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or a Bank Holiday sale, our team gets together to create ideas that will work for each individual brand and deliver results.

We analyse the current market, the target audience, the type of business we’re creating a promotion for, and tie these altogether.  It’s been said that there’s no original ideas anymore – everything has already been done. But we don’t think that’s true. We know you can gather inspiration from many places and pull ideas from your own skills and experiences to create brand new ideas. New ideas do exist – we create them.


Social Media



This is one topic that can be very confusing to a lot of people. Knowing what social channels you need to be on is one thing, but learning how to utilise them effectively is an entirely different ball game. Luckily, SilverEGG has a team of multitaskers, some who know all there is to know about social media. I myself am a huge fan.

If social media is something you want to put in your digital marketing strategy, we can make that happen for you. We know how to use each channel uniquely and the best time of day to use them. Sometime in the near future we’ll be profiling each social media platform so you can truly understand the benefits of each one. We love Twitter the most if you want to find us on there.




A digital marketing strategy is consistent. Ultimately, all these features comes together to increase the online visibility of your brand.

Your brand isn’t just your website, or your online shop. Your online activity is never separate. It links across all platforms in order to maximise your visibility.

If you’re an online retailer such as ASOS, your e-commerce shop is known as the core of your brand. If you publish a monthly magazine such as GQ, that would be the core of your brand. The other elements are what’s known as brand extensions. So if we went back to ASOS, we could say that the core of the brand is the ASOS website that sells clothing and accessories. Their brand extensions would be:

  • Social media channels
  • Magazine
  • E-newsletter
  • ASOS Marketplace
  • International sites

As a digital marketing agency, we cover all those elements. We don’t look at a client solely as a website or e-commerce shop. We look at you as a brand, and we know how important that is.




What is special about digital marketing agencies is that they love analytics. Well, we do. It’s our speciality. There’s not much point in doing all these really cool things to enhance your online visibility if we’re not going to track the progress, is there?

If you come on board SilverEGG, each month you’ll receive a personalised stat report. It will:

  • showcase your traffic growth in terms of page views, visits and unique users,
  • keep track of your social media following across all your active channels
  • show how many people are finding your website through different sources
  • allow you to see how many people access your site through different resources

We could just look at what Google Analytics and leave it – but by creating our own spreadsheets and compiling this information for our clients, we can help them to understand it.




shutterstock_102960407 (1)

What we’ve talked about so far are all important aspects of building online visibility. But something else is making its way up through the digital marketing pyramid and becoming an incredibly useful tool for growing traffic.


We’re in a huge market. There are many digital marketing agencies out there who have teams that have developed very strong skill sets. But something quite a few businesses don’t yet understand is the importance of content.

There are two different ways of looking at it. One of them works. One of them doesn’t.

The first view is that you write an article, fill it with keywords, publish it and that’s it.

The second view is that you learn to understand what it is your audience is looking for, what questions they want answering and what problems they need solving. Once you have this information you can create high value content using the right ratio of keywords, publish it and then consistently promote your content.

Which one do you think works?

We talk to our clients and uncover their real target audience so we can create content that is being directed at the right people. We research competitors and uncover gaps where our client can provide something different. That’s what gets results.



So why go to a company who specialise in redesigning websites, when you can come to us and get the full package? We specialise in providing our clients with an integrated strategy, from the first meeting to the end result. Take a look round our website to find out more about what we can do. One thing’s for sure – you’ll definitely be satisfied.

And you’ll never be short of good cups of tea.