Twitter is one of the best forms of social media to be utilised for any business. You would wonder why a social media that is restricted to 140 characters a post is so popular and why it can be so handy for business promotion.

The character restriction on Twitter is a useful tool to get twitters to limit and ‘get to the point’ on what they want to say. Facebook can be used to overload potential customers with bulk information whilst Twitter reaches out to the relevant people with the relevant information.

Twitter is better for finding viral trends and is quick to circulate information and content.

For businesses, Twitter can be useful to engage with potential clients. Some companies use Twitter for quick response Q and A. Customers can ask you questions which you can answer and help to establish a relationship.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter can seem quite confusing but once you understand the basics it is an easy system to utilise for your benefits. We have created a list of the best beginner tips on how to use Twitter effectively for business.

If you have not used Twitter before here is the basics you need to know:

How To Use Twitter

After you register and create your profile you can start tweeting.  Click on the ‘Tweet’ button and this will appear.

twitter box

Then start tweeting:

filled twitter box

Include an engaging statement. Your Url. And then more content. Followed by some hash tags. (Hash tags are used on Twitter to help you find trends. If you click on a hash tag it can show you what other tweeters have said on the subject.)

It is also important to engage with other Twitter Users.

user twitter box

If you want to create a social media presence it is important to establish a relationship with other users.

When you compose new tweets include pictures. It increases the chance of people stopping to read your tweet and click on your links.

SilverEgg Media’s Beginner Tips to be Successful on Twitter

  1. This is common Twitter advice but not many people know about it. When you write a tweet place your website URL in the centre of your content. Include images. Include hash tags.
  2. Have a personality. Don’t be a robot. Use your voice to be engaging and interest people.
  3. Make your tweets readable. Yes, your character content is restricted but avoid text speak and obvious grammar mistakes. Be smart with your tweet vocabulary.
  4. One of the best pieces of advice is to go on Twitter and see which topics are ‘retweeted’ and ‘favourited’. Understand the popular key words that are relevant to your business and this allows you to see the different kinds of people who are responding to your tweets.
  5.  Tweet every day. I mean it, tweet every day. You will not see the benefits of Twitter if you do not post regularly. Over 200 million users are on Twitter and if you want to be heard you need to tweet constantly. Don’t be disheartened by the figure above as you will be competing mainly with people on a similar market to you but you should understand if you want a successful social media presence on media you need to be a regular tweeter. 
    Twitter Bird
  6. How can you tweet every day when you are working full time? There are a number of Apps available to help you manage your social media. The most popular is Buffer, this handy app can be your new best friend. You can schedule your posts for the day or the week so whilst you are working you can know your Twitter activity still continues.
  7. Write interesting tweets. This can be surprisingly harder than it sounds. See which tweets are commonly retweeted as you want to know what makes people click on your link.
  8. Be engaging with your followers. Interact and reply to relevant tweets. If you read an interesting article by a fellow tweeter, tell them you enjoyed the article. A little praise can go a long way and can help build a social following.
  9. Your tweets need to be helpful. Provide a service or share interesting content to encourage people to click on your website.
  10. Do not spam. What do we mean by that? Although you want to use your Twitter account to broadcast your business, you need to spend time retweeting other comments and businesses. Did I hear you say ‘that’s crazy!’? Twitter is a social hub of millions of people who are in similar situations to you and want to create a social media presence. Work together. Read what other people are saying, if you retweet them they will hopefully retweet you.

Maintaining a strong media presence is a lot of hard work but you will reap the benefits if you keep at it.

Has this list of beginner tips been useful for you? If you have any queries about social media or digital marketing please do not hesitate to contact us or via twitter @silvereggmedia.