Gossip websites and blogs have one thing in common – they’re opinions. They can rank high in search engines if they have enough links attached to their sites. That is a common fact when working with SEO. But a news release from Google suggests there could be a potential shake-up. Links could soon be a thing of the past. Websites in the future could only be measured by their factual accuracy.


New Scientist reported that Google has proposed an alternative method of ranking organic searches. This will be based on how accurate the information provided on a website is.

Gossip websites currently have high rankings, because of their links and high page visits.  But they may not be considered as reliable sources of information. The new plans of Google could promote the less advertised but more accurate websites.

The Google researchers have released further information about their possible future plans. They propose the new plan will correspond with Google’s Knowledge Vault. This is  a huge database of factual information that Google has collected from the internet.

Websites will be measured through the Knowledge Vault and scored on their truth. The Google researchers say this score is called the Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT). So the higher the accuracy score, the more your website will be considered as reliable. So the higher the search ranking your website will have.

The KBT proposal could be the new method of scoring websites for their ranking. Fewer errors and more indisputable facts can be responsible for how Google ranks you.

This is a positive for well-researched and factual websites or blogs. But it could be a hard hit to opinion-based blogs and gossip websites, as these can be filled with speculation and error.

At the moment, this is only a proposal. But if the new plan comes into existence things will change. Websites that depend on links to garner traffic will have to revise their SEO strategies.


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