A beacon of gent’s hairdressing, Kings Barbers Club already had a presence in their market when they approached us for help with their marketing. This made it imperative that we developed a strategy for success in keeping with their already established reputation. We were tasked with website design and providing all of their SEO, Branding and Social Media PR needs.

As a previously somewhat established name in men’s hairdressing, our role with Kings Barbers Club was to develop successful branding and social media PR to supplement a new customer facing website that would help our client become a prominent name in the world of men’s hairdressing.

Our client wanted a fresh rebrand of their classic style of hairdressing, presenting us with the challenge of developing content that would both retain previous loyal customers and generate interest from a new client population. We did this by modernising their entire brand whilst creating content detailing the history and passion driving Kings Barbers to provide the service they do.

We partnered with newspapers to offer a promotion for potential new customers which helped solidify Kings Barbers new branding, presenting them as a respectable company in their community.

The SEO we provided for Kings Barbers Club has significantly boosted their organic search engine rankings, further helping them solidify their presence in the local communities as well as in their industry.



SEO for both geographical and non geographical generic competitive searches e.g. Indian restaurant Manchester, halal restaurant



Content strategy liaising Kings Barbers Club to create bespoke content perfect for their needs



Created and launched a new website for Kings Barbers Club with a vastly improved customer journey and integrated blog. The history of the business and their store locations are now a pleasure to look at


Developed all the branding to match the client requirement, both maintaining their previous reputation and integrating it with new branding



Regularly help Kings Barbers Club manage their social media presence, creating content to be uploaded through their social media portals


Bounce Rate Down 14.34% in 12 Months

Page Views Up 179% in 12 Months.

Facebook audience has increased by 400% with significant brand engagement

Successfully promote events and PR