Creative Writing

Our team of in-house scribes type tirelessly away, creating an endless supply of content designed to attract and engage potential customers for our clients. The oft-repeated mantra of Search Engine Optimisation decrees that ‘Content is King’, which is why our writing team focuses so heavily on creating unique, compelling content that will see our clients’ organic traffic continue to grow.

Creative Writing

Content that sticks

All the best brands have their own unique written content that makes them rise above the rabble of their competitors; they use the same tone of voice, language and personality for absolutely everything they produce from labels to websites. The SilverEGG Media creative writing team are experts in coaxing that unique voice of yours out into the open and making it sing, so that your target audience recognises you as a top brand that they want to get to know.

We’re constantly generating new content ideas and utilising fresh concepts to ensure maximum interest for potential customers. Subtly layering a serious message into interesting content that’s a joy to read is an extremely effective marketing tool and one that we use in new and exciting ways at every opportunity.

We always use plagiarism software to ensure that all written content we produce is 100% our own. That being said, when potential customers find you, it won’t be SilverEGG Media’s voice that they hear; it will be all yours.

Search Engine Friendly Content

Search Engine Friendly

Google, Yahoo and Bing reward websites and companies who invest in large quantities of quality, relevant content. Creating copy that will demand the attention of search engines is one of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of SEO and many companies struggle to get a second glance. That’s where SilverEGG Media’s team of professional content writers step in.

We study your industry and its target audience before we put pen to paper, making sure that we’re experts in your field before we start talking for you. You’re an authority in your industry, and that means we need to be too.

Once we’ve conducted thorough research and collated our findings, we go about producing bright, sparkling content that will increase organic traffic and brand awareness. Our team is made up of experienced journalists and bloggers who make it their business to be aware of any hot topics surrounding your industry and creating content that will insert your brand into the furore.

Unique Content Ideas