PR and Branding

Every brand, no matter how big or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for success and survival. Anyone who encounters your business, from customers and employees to investors and journalists, can have a massive impact on how you are perceived.

If handled properly, your reputation can be your company’s biggest asset – that shining beacon that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you the competitive edge you need. The SilverEGG Media team plan and execute winning PR campaigns to gain trust and understanding between your brand and the public.

Increasing commercial value is at the heart of everything we do. We channel your brand’s key messages and objectives, before launching a carefully planned strategy designed to gain maximum exposure.

PR and Branding

Real-time PR

With a wealth of experience in PR agencies and the media, the SilverEGG Media team functions as a proactive press office, delivering a ‘sales-led’ approach to brand building and gaining press coverage. We have strong contacts in both consumer media and business to business media, and have close relationships with professionals across all media platforms including news organisations, broadcast, glossies and respected blogs.

Real-time PR


Behind the glitz and glamour of our PR strategies lies a serious agenda – we don’t just focus on the odd news splash, we work to sustain heightened media interest in your brand. We never send out irrelevant press releases that won’t get you noticed, we only produce high quality content that will have both your target audience and the media stop and take notice.

PR Strategy

Brand reputation management

First we help you to build your reputation, then we nurture and protect it by closely monitoring how your brand is perceived. Our agents work alongside the media to address any reputation issues that might occur, and place ourselves in the perfect position to bridge the gap between your company and the outside world.

Monitoring & evaluation

We always monitor and evaluate every step that we have taken so that we can provide post-campaign analysis, proving the effectiveness of our campaigns.