Web design and development

User Experience (UX) is at the very core of all of our designs, from responsive websites to email marketing templates. We produce bespoke functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that people love using.

Web Development

Design and development

We believe that the key to creating powerful websites that increase customer and client bases is to find the perfect balance between form and function. Our web designers and developers make websites with an interface that’s easy for search engines and your target audience to navigate.

We work closely with you to discover what it is that you want to achieve with your website, both stylistically and functionally. Our web designers get to grips with how your website should look and feel as well as who it should be directed towards. All of our decisions about the way your website functions will be designed to maximise potential for you achieving your goals, whether that means more sales or a higher subscription rate.

Attractive Web Design

Website Optimisation

SilverEGG Media can help both clients updating an existing website and clients who are starting their website from scratch.


For any newbies, we’ll configure the whole package and process to be SEO-friendly and effective. Never fear, we’re not the type to dump-and-run; we even run small tutorials for those who will want to update their websites personally in the future.

We are experienced in a wide range of programming languages that allow us to update and overhaul existing websites. Websites, much like puppies, need a lot of attention and training. If they are left to their own devices, they will never achieve the results the owners hope for. SilverEGG Media is here to administer a healthy dose of tender loving care.

Website Optimisation