Google Algorithm Updates In 2014

Frequently Digital Agencies and SEO companies will tell you that Google have changed their search algorithm and changed the goalposts with many customers left confused as to why so many changes occur. We take a look at the changes so far that have occurred in 2014.

For the most part these changes are minor however, on occasion Google has been known to roll out major algorithm updates which cause massive disturbances to the search results and even wipe out some well-known companies.

Firstly on February 6th 2014 Google refreshed there page layout algorithm. Within the industry the page layout refreshed was dubbed “top heavy” because it downgraded any websites which featured too many ads at the top or websites with ads above the fold deemed to be too distracting for a user. There have been very few complaints since this algorithm update was released although some websites have lost their rankings due to having top heavy webpages.

The next update took place on March 24th 2014 and this particular update wasn’t given a name by Google although many people in the industry speculated that this was the arrival of the new softer Panda update. This update did cause a stir within the SEO industry with websites dropping places on google. In July 2013 Google did state that they would no longer be making any announcements concerning any Panda Updates, web masters would have no confirmation of this.

Most recently the pay day loan industry was hit quite heavily by Google as on May 16th 2014 they rolled out Payday Loan 2.0 and this was set to target spammy queries. Although it was hard to establish the exact date when this update was rolled out it was a huge surprise as although there had been rumours of a major update no one expected this. Originally this update was launched in June 2013 and affected different languages at varying rates with English queries being affected by about 0.2% which was fairly noticeable.

The final update to hit us in 2014 so far and probably the most significant was rolled out on May 19th 2014 and was an update to the well-known Panda Algorithm which was designed to put a stop to websites with poor, low quality content from entering the top search engine results for particular queries.

Panda 4.0 the latest update could be Google’s softer and slightly gentler Panda update as Google told us it had affected 7.5% of the search queries. For the most part it would seem that many aggregator websites were affected – these are websites which aggregate information from other sources, copy this information and post it onto their own websites instead of writing their own original content.

SilverEGG Media strongly believe that websites which do not display original content shouldn’t be given authority and are fully behind the Google Panda 4.0 update. All of our work adheres to Google Guidelines and is extremely ethical; we have experience in aiding companies to remove penalties placed on them by Google as well. If you have a project which you think we can help with then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.