Google has released new changes to Google Webmaster Tools. In the tool bar you can now see the new Search Analytics report.

At first glance, the Search Analytics report appears more long-winded and confusing compared to the previous layout. New tabs have appeared and there are many new options available. However once you spend time with the new features, it’s not difficult to navigate and reap the benefits.

New Metric Display

You can choose which metrics you want to display:

  • Clicks – This is the number of clicks from users made on Google search results to your site.
  • Impressions – These describe how many links a user saw to your site during their Google search. Impressions are not counted if the user remains on page 1 of searches and your site is on page 2.
  • CTR – This is the Click-Through Rate and this figure is divided by impression count.
  • Position – This represents the average position of your topmost keyword result from your site.

You also have the new option to group your data together.  This makes it easier when you are reviewing your website and you can receive more accurate results.

New Grouping Display

  • Query – You can review your keywords to identify if your content is doing its job. Also if unexpected and inappropriate words appear then it can suggest your site has been hacked.
  • Page – Grouping results by page can let you review the different pages on your site.
  • Country – You can group to see what locations users have been looking at your site from.
  • Device – With this filter you can see what devices have been used to look for relevant searches. This repeats the importance of having a mobile optimised website.
  • Search Type – In fact, this one is misleading. You can’t actually do a group search type but you can filter or compare by search type.
  • Date – You can get a filtered graph of data that lets you see the traffic over a period of time.

In fact when you look at the new Webmaster Tools there is nothing particularly ground-breaking about the changes. The new report displays just make life easier.

With the new grouping display you can focus on certain sections of your site. True, it seems more finicky but in regards to SEO it’s fantastic when looking for areas to improve on your site and if you have unknown errors that are affecting your traffic.

The new Search Analytics have made many changes to the Webmaster Tools but the changes aim to offer more accurate results and give you the chance to get filtered results when needed.

In about three months the Search Analytics report will replace the Search Queries report. Google hopes the new changes will make Webmaster Tools more effective and easier to navigate.

Google said, “the new Search Analytics report enables you to break down your site’s search data and filter it in many different ways in order to analyze it more precisely.”

The changes may seem quite sudden but Google has been planning these changes for a while. The search for webmaster testers began in January and testing went live in February for the few testers Google chose.

What do you think of the new Search Analytics report?

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