In the final stage of our ‘How To Boost Your Website Traffic’ series we look at referral traffic and share our best tips on how to increase your statistics.

What is referral traffic?

Before we delve into our top tips on how to boost referral traffic we should probably explain what it is. Referral Traffic is simply when other websites link to yours and users can click this link to go through to your site; this is also known as ‘backlinking.’

This form of traffic is a beneficial way of leading potential customers to your site as users will often follow these links from related sites to your business. Having beneficial backlinks from relevant and authority websites is excellent in the eyes of Google and can even have positives for your search engine ranking.

How can I boost my levels of referral traffic?

It may seem easy to gather a high number of backlinks with offers such as ‘5000 backlinks for £5’ being sent to our email inbox everyday however it is essential to gather links that are actually beneficial to your site.

It’s important to get natural links which means you have earned the link naturally from other websites. Google is smart, they can figure out if you have bought loads of bad links. If you have many unnatural links to your website you could get a penalty message from Google and that can be very detrimental.

There are many ways in which referral traffic can be boosted however the following are the three main ways to increase the number of visitors to your site through referral traffic.

Guest Posts

Guest or featured posts can be used as a method of gaining a backlink to your site.

Writing for other websites about your company can provide new content to entice people to use your services and can also provide a strong backlink from another site that is associated with your industry.


Links from directories associated with your field of work can provide strong backlinks.

There are many different forms of directories: some that are sorted by industry and others by location. Some directories will ask for payment for a listing however others will not. It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of the directory before paying as some links can be damaging to your site.

Online Newspaper Advertising

Securing online newspaper advertising can  help to boost your website’s referral traffic. Often online newspaper adverts or ‘features’ will provide links back to your website for users to view your advertised offer or products.

These ideas are just a few of the possible ways in which referral traffic can be boosted however if you are looking for in-depth advice on the best methods to increase your backlink profile SilverEGG Media offers SEO packages for all industries.