Having a business online can be an effective means of finding customers and selling your services. But what is the point if nobody knows you’re there?

The internet is massive and it continues to grow so you are in competition with other businesses to get your customers’ attention.

SilverEGG Media is a digital agency in Lancashire and we have worked with a great list of clients to boost their presence in search rankings. Here is a list of the main objectives you need to achieve if you want to improve your chances of succeeding with your business online.


This three letter acronym can be the bane of your existence if you don’t utilise it correctly. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website easier to find in search engines.

You need to put the keywords in the right places and increase your domain authority so Google, Bing and other search engines will more likely give your website a higher ranking in searches.

To have great SEO on your website, you need to consult someone with experience or get advice and help from a digital agency. Bad SEO can only mean bad news for your website.

Use Social Media

Social media is not only for contacting friends and finding the latest news but a free way to promote your business. Make accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to help promote your services.

Find relevant people online and share your services with them so they can see you and know more about you. What’s great is they can share your posts and tweets with their following so word can spread about your business.

Accessible Websites

Remember the old days when the internet was slow and we had to be patient whilst the page loaded. Now patience is no longer needed and if your website does not appear double time it can have serious repercussions.

Online visitors want answers immediately and if your website is slow because of large images and loading issues people will move on and find another website to give them their answer.

Easy Navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. That means you should try to limit the number of tabs and create internal links when you can.

Internal linking means you add a link into a piece of content so when a person clicks on it they will be sent to another section of your site.

This is great in blogs because if you are talking about (for example) cake you could include a link that will recommend which kind of icing is the best for which cake flavour. If a person enjoys reading your relevant content and finds your website easy to navigate they will more likely come back to your website.

Make your content interesting

When searching online, readers tend to skim through content until they find what is relevant for them. Don’t write large blog posts filled with nonsense and information that won’t connect with a reader.

Make the content on your pages and your blogs interesting so it’ll hook the reader and keep them reading – isn’t that the point of content?

If your content is interesting it increases the chances of someone coming back to your website or even recommending it to someone else.

We have shared some of the best tips for boosting your presence online. Make sure to utilise them all to help your business.

SilverEGG Media has an experienced SEO team who can consult and benefit your website. If you want to be found in search engines you need a qualified team who know what they are doing. Don’t get lost in the wilderness of Google, let us help you get found by the relevant people.