Even though it may seem like it is months away Christmas is approaching and that means it is time to start to thinking about Christmas email campaigns. It’s important when sending out these campaigns that you grab your reader’s attention for the right reasons.

By carefully planning your email campaigns you can avoid simple mistakes that can harm your campaign.

Create a checklist

When creating an email campaign it’s important you include everything so your email performs the best it can. To make sure you do include all the key information you can create a checklist. You can refer to this checklist while you are planning your email and then tick off each point once you have included it in your email. The list can have a number of items including:

  • Are the addresses on the email correct?
  • Have you checked the spelling?
  • Do all the links work and go to the right place?
  • Are the items you are selling in stock?
  • Are the prices of your products correct?
  • Is the email being sent to the correct list?

Preview it

By using an inbox previewing tool you can see what your email looks like on variety of devices including mobile, PC and tablet. You can then make changes accordingly if it doesn’t look good on one of the devices. Also by using a previewing tool you can also spot and correct any errors you may have in your email before it goes out to your customers.

Test it

Testing the email is the best way to see whether your email is finally ready to be sent out to your customers. The best way to test is to create a small list of recipients you work with at the company and send it to them. You can then ask them to check it one for any errors or mistakes you may have missed when checking it yourself.

By following these steps and spending a little more time on your email you will hopefully reduce the stress of the festive season and also boost sales and revenue for your business in the process.