With summer coming up it’s important to find the balance between enjoying your summer and keeping your business’ social media running.

At SilverEGG Media we are accustomed to scheduling posts and keeping social media alive when we finish work for the day.

So we are sharing these tips and tricks on how to keep your social media busy and how to be effective with your posts whilst you are relaxing in the summer.


Schedule your content. If you don’t already use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer you probably should. These tools allow you to write and send out your posts for social media anytime you want, therefore giving you more time to relax and enjoy your summer holiday.

There are many other social media scheduling tools so you need to find the one that fits for you.

Post Where Your Customers Post

During the summer months it’s important to understand which social media platforms your customers will be spending time on during their summer holidays.

In the summer many potential customers and followers will be spending less and less time on LinkedIn and more time on Facebook and Instagram.

By focusing on these platforms you can keep them engaged with your content and updates while they are away.

Quality Not Quantity

Even though you may not like to, cutting back on posts is a good way of making the managing of your social media through the summer easier.

One reason to do this is that your customers will be on holiday so therefore not paying as much attention to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This allows you to make that the posts they do see are of a good standard and memorable and engaging.

Share The Work Load

Let other members of staff take over the accounts while you are away. Trust your colleagues to help you out.

A lot of customers expect a reply on social media within an hour making it difficult for you to reply to their comment when you are on a beach somewhere in the world.

By getting others to help you can still keep good customer relations and enjoy your summer break in peace without worrying about social media.