It’s only one month away until we embrace yet another American tradition. This time its Black Friday, a day when retailers offer great deals so their customers can grab a bargain before Christmas.

If you plan to take part in this seasons Black Friday it’s important that your website is ready to handle the increased number of traffic it’s going to receive.

Here are three factors you should take into account when preparing your website for Black Friday.

Optimise for mobile

The rise of the mobile device now means that more and more people are ditching their desktop computers to do their Christmas shopping and instead turning to their mobile phones.

Most businesses have recognised this and most websites are now mobile optimised allowing customers to navigate and shop more easily when they are using a mobile device. However there are still some websites that fail to optimise every page of their website including the checkout page.

If you fail to optimise your checkout page for mobile shoppers, customers are going to find it difficult to finalise their purchase and may leave the website and go to another site, leaving you without a sale.

Make sure your website can handle it

Black Friday is going to be one of the busiest days for shopping that your website will see all year. It’s important that your website can handle the increased amount of traffic unlike John Lewis and Argos, who failed to do so last year.

If your website can’t handle the extra traffic you aren’t going to get the most of Black Friday and you are going to miss out on revenue.

Make checking out easier

If your website checkout process is confusing at one of the busiest times of the year it’s probably confusing throughout the year and needs to be fixed.

To speed things up for your customers checking out on Black Friday, you could remove the registration process. This will help attract customers who are in a rush to get a quick deal this Black Friday.