December is only a few weeks away, and during this time people are looking to find presents, which means retailers, both high street and online, are heavily competing for customer sales.

Social media is becoming businesses favourite method of enticing customer sales, here is how you can use social media to your advantage this Christmas.

Pick social media platform

Deciding on what social media platform to use is important, depending on what approach you wish to convey.

Twitter – Twitter is heavily dependent on interaction and communication with audiences, with people following businesses to be informed of promotions and discounts.

Facebook – Facebook allows longer text posts, which means it calls for a more personal casual tone.

Instagram & Pinterest – Instagram and Pinterest are a more recent tool in social media marketing tool. These platforms have been found to drive more traffic than other social platforms.

Look popular

Having your business appear to be busy and popular, by demonstrating products, is another way you can use social media this Christmas. By doing this customers are more likely to choose that option as there is social media evidence that the product is a popular option, as well putting products front-of-mind for undecided people.

Pop up sales

Pop up sales is a great way to attract audiences, as there is a sense of urgency. Teasing customers with pop up sales, and not telling them when the sales are due to come up, means customers will constantly check your page for the sale. This way it increases social media followers and brand awareness.


Another great way to secure sales, is demonstrating to your customer how they can use your product. Using Facebook can help paint a picture of how your product will look during the Christmas season.


Making sure your website is mobile responsive is vital, as customers are regularly using mobile to access websites. Most people using social media will be on mobile, so any sales promotions you announce on social media will attract customers to your


If you are planning to announce a huge sale on social media, use hashtags. Hundreds of other businesses will be using social media, so you will have to make your business stand out. Use a variety of hashtags on your social media that are related to your business. Hashtags such as #ChristmasSale will be the main focus this Christmas season so be creative!