Today as we were looking at our clients’ rankings and doing general SEO maintenance we discovered a small change in relation to Google Local Listings.

Some of our clients who have high rankings in Google searches seemed to have a small drop or even disappeared from Google Listings. When we checked out our own rankings we were surprised by what we saw.

google search engine rankings for seo blackburn

Blackburn SEO is one of the keywords we are currently ranking for and our ranking position has not changed.

We are in the top listings but our local listing has disappeared completely. This is a similar scenario with some of our clients who have dropped in local searches whilst in some cases others have benefited and even increased rankings in local search.

After seeing a general change across a number of our clients we were just wondering if there was a Google update or is it just us?

A few months ago Search Engine Land reported Google had made fixes to local search ranking algorithms and many SEO experts reported changes in local listings. It’s still unclear whether Google’s changes to the algorithm have caused a delayed impact or there has been a secret update.

What’s going on?