How many people do you follow on Twitter? Or Facebook? Or Instagram? If you’re in the digital marketing industry like us, we bet it’s a lot. But how many of the people you follow actually give your social media timelines value? How often do you reply or share what they tweet or post? If the answer is something along the lines of ‘not very often’, it’s probably time for a bit of a tidy up.

But to help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of the best people on the web that you can follow. These guys know exactly what they’re talking about and should definitely be added to your feeds if they aren’t already. Just read on and get clicking.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is an all-rounder.  Blogger, author, speaker – you name it, he does it. He helps businesses to enhance their online brands through content, digital and social media marketing. And that’s exactly what his blog is about. You’ll find articles about Facebook, Twitter, Content Creation, SEO, email marketing and so much more. He knows how to grow visibility, and better than that he can prove it. Plus, he was ranked as the #1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014.

His content is detailed, informative and he has so many awesome ideas that you’ll be bookmarking them left, right and centre. Well with over 288K Twitter followers, we’d be silly not to listen to him.

You can find Jeff tweeting here: @jeffbullas


The Coschedule blog is in one word, incredible. It’s essentially an editorial calendar that you can install onto your WordPress site that lets you create your own content and social media marketing plan. Your whole team can use it, you can put tasks on there and schedule as much content as you want. The blog managed by their team is filled with information that you can implement into your business right away. They show you case studies, give you tasks that you can follow really easily, plus their design is one of the best we’ve seen. We expect them to continue doing big, big things.

You can find CoSchedule tweeting here: @CoSchedule

Buffer Blog

Not only does Buffer have an amazing app that allows you to schedule all your social media content (look out for a story on that later), it’s also got a very special blog. They’re currently at around 264K twitter followers, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about. But that’s what’s so great about their blog – not only do they publish a lot of helpful content about social media, they also post help articles about writing, content marketing, email marketing and everything else a digital marketing business would need to know. Buffer is a big name in the industry so if you haven’t checked them out already, now is the perfect time.

You can find Buffer tweeting here: @buffer

Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers are completely on top of their social media game and their mission. Instead of being a place where they publish content on a regular basis, they gather the best articles from around the web and allow users to upload any content that they find in order to talk about and share online marketing techniques that achieve results. Bookmark their articles to read for later – we think you’ll find quite a lot of interesting ones to read.

You can find Growth Hackers tweeting here: @GrowthHackers


What’s special about Contently, is how they focus purely on your business as a brand, which is highly important in our industry today. Being seen as a brand is what all our aims should be and the Contently team are there to help you out. They talk about all things content marketing, whether it’s the present or future, analyse brands and provide you with highly detailed insights. Plus if you sign up to their newsletter, you’ll get even more content straight to your inbox.

You can find Contently tweeting here: @contently

Simply Measured

With 253k twitter followers and counting, Simply Measured are geniuses of all things social. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media network you can think of are all discussed on this blog. Simply Measured talk simply about being a social media marketer. Thbey give you free guides to download, worksheets, calendars, and they even manage to incorporate fantasy football into it. They’re just that good.

You can find Simply Measured tweeting here: @simplymeasured


Other great people we love to follow on twitter are:


@MrsKatSulli – Katherine is an entrepreneur and a pro at social media and digital marketing. Not only does she share really helpful links, she’s also great at interacting with her followers.

@JosephStash – Joseph is currently the Digital News Development Editor at The Time and The Sunday Times – what a title. He’s got some really good insights and experiences from his time in the industry.

@garrett_moon – Garret is co-founder of CoSchedule, so you can see why we’ve included him. He shares lots of useful content and retweets some really cool stuff.