AdWords is an advertising system on Google which can be used to promote your business. With Google AdWords you can pay to use certain keywords so when people search on Google using the exact keywords, your business will appear on top of searches as an advert.

If you are looking to increase your organic traffic to your website,Adwords can be a useful tool to advertise your business.

Appropriate Keywords

When you first choose your keywords for Google AdWords it’s important you aren’t too broad with your choices.

For example the term ‘cakes’ is too broad a search term and you might not get value for money on that chosen keyword.

Instead you should use a term like ‘fancy cakes’ or ‘cakes for a party’. Even though this term may be searched less it will be cheaper and more specific to your product or services.

Ad Extensions

By adding an Ad Extension to your advert you can add extra information to your advertisement which will appear in Google search.

What is great about Ad Extensions is you canincludea call to action. This can prove vital when you want to convert your ad into sales and leads because it gives someone a direct option to buy from you or give you a call.

Track Your Success

When using AdWords you can use Google Analytics to track your campaign. By tracking your AdWords you can see which ones have done well and which ones haven’t been successful. This can help you adapt your campaign and use words that work better so you can get better results and hopefully more traffic to your website.


Another great use of Google AdWords is you can specify when the Ad runs. This is a crucial tool if your business is offering a special offer at a certain time.

For example you can schedule an Ad to start when you are running a sale on your website.

To use Adwords effectively you need to understand which keywords are best for you. At SilverEGG Media we organise Adwords and PPC campaigns for our clients on a daily basis. If you need assistance, give us a call or send us an email today and we can increase relevant traffic to your website.