In the up and coming months, Twitter is scraping its Direct Message character limit of a 140 characters and is instead adding a higher limit of 10,000 characters.

The new changes come about because of Twitter’s ambition to tap into the messenger market which is currently being dominated by the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

It has been well known that Twitter has been trying to improve its messaging service since early 2014 when they introduced the ability togroup message people on their DM feature.

Twitter’s Direct Messaging Product Manager, Sachin Argawal, said: “We believe that private messaging is a core part of the Twitter experience. Where we see our advantage [over apps such as WhatsApp] is that there’s so much amazing content on Twitteralready, that we want to enable people to have private conversations about those things.”

As well as improving user experience, one of the main benefits of Twitter extending its DM limit is customers can communicate easily with businesses and vice versa.

The DM character extension now allows customers to communicate to businesses without having to cut short their message because of a character limit and of course allows businesses to reply with a solution, improving customer service and customer satisfaction.

It now also means that customers could also use Twitter to contact businesses instead of emailing them because of the speed and simplicity that Twitter DMs offer to the user.