Web designing is a career path that is increasingly in high demand, especially as our lives become more digitalised and a significant part of our daily activities are conducted over the Internet.

Being a web designer demands that you’re both technically inclined and artistic with a highly imaginative mind. That said, it isn’t a basic, one-dimensional course and it requires that you have a focused and determined attitude to succeed in it.

If you’d like to pursue a career in web design, there are a couple of things you need to consider, including whether you want to specialise in web design or you’d like to expand further into web development; and whether you’d prefer to work as a freelancer or as a part of company.

Basically, there are two areas of specialties in website work: design and development. And both of them are largely interrelated and overlapping.

Some web designers also like to refer to themselves as graphic artists or graphic designers; and there will a lot of professionals who would have crossed over into the field from traditional print and magazine designs. Some use tool such as Freeparking Website Builder and others still code free hand with HTML5.

Actually, many of the required skills are similar, but web design demands that you learn and master the techniques of working for a different kind of environment: the online community.

Essentially, starting out as a web designer requires the subtle and obvious features that make a good website user interface and enhance good user experience. You would also need to understand how to creatively integrate these various vital elements into a relatively small space.

It is also essential that you are well versed and fully competent in the knowledge and application of various web design tools and software, which is typically done in programmes such as Firework, Flash and Photoshop.

There are several ways to begin a web design career, but we’ve distilled them into three steps below.

Take a web design course and learn from the best

If you think have a flair and disposition for web design and have made up your mind to pursue a career in it, the first thing is to plan to learn the basics, expand your knowledge , then fine-tune and hone your skills and techniques.

The first thing is to register to learn from the best by taking full and integrated web design courses from the professional masters such as coursefeeders.com.

Acquire the coding knowledge and skills

This should be obvious as every true professional must have a full complement of their working tools. In web design, you’re expected to develop, over time, an expert knowledge of the use and application of coding scripts such as CSS, HTML, php, javascript, ASP etcera in creating attractive and functional websites.

And if you’re considering adapting 3D models in your design, you should expand your knowledge base to 3D computer graphics tools like Maya and 3DMax.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect, and there’s nowhere this fact is more proven than the field of web design. You must have the insights of an artist and understand how to capture all the exciting information around you and recreate it in web design. You must be unafraid to try new things.