Happy New Year! Here at the SilverEGG team, we’re back, refreshed and ready to take on the New Year with a bang. We’ve got big plans, big clients and some big content to deliver to you.

If 2014 was the year when content marketing came together across all platforms, 2015 will be the year when brands actually start putting this into practice – they’ll learn to fully understand their audiences and get a proven return on their investments. Businesses across the globe are planning to spend more and put more effort into their content marketing strategy this year, and they’ve got really good reason to.

The key this year is not simply to attract more customers. It’s about building a long-term relationship with them. We all expect more. People know what they can be offered. They want more than what they’re getting from anywhere else. They want to be treated and to feel special. That’s where we come in and that’s what we deliver.


Why is content marketing changing?


From the continuing developments of Google’s algorithms to the ever changing world of SEO and the continuing rise of all things digital, it’s no wonder content marketing is so successful. It could be argued that it is now the number one thing your business needs. Your social media, e-newsletter and website content all connect together to market your brand, interact with your audience and ultimately build a relationship with them.


Three ways that content marketing is changing:


1. Long-form content is taking over. 500 word blog posts and news articles just don’t cut it anymore. We’re talking a minimum of 1000 word pieces of content.

2. People want value. It’s a simple equation: if a business writes a 1000 word article that has no value to its audience, search engines won’t like it and neither will your audience. But if you write a 1000 word article that really resonates with your audience, solves a problem for them and gives them value? That’s the key to successful content marketing.

3. Social media is a part of content marketing. Why write an article and not promote it to your following? This is why visuals are so important. Did you know that a tweet gets more clicks if it includes an image?

If your content is going to help your audience, solve a problem and give them value then all the boxes are ticked. But for 2015, content marketing is going to get more intense, more valuable for your business and more profitable.


8 predictions for content marketing in 2015


8 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015 |Create infographics


1. Brands will become publishers

Customer experience is what matters most to any business. Without customers, where does your business go? Creating useful, helpful, engaging and valuable content means your customers will thank you for it, word will spread and your loyal audience will increase.

2. We’ll become more aware of co-operative content

We all know user-generated content is a great way to show variety. But 2015 will take this up a notch. If your business wants to post more regularly, why not find an expert to talk about an industry trend? Why not interview members of your team or other industry members? Why not find a way to create content with the voices of your customers? In content marketing, the opportunities are endless if they are utilised effectively.

3. Extras, extras, extras

It might mean more work for you and me, but a simple article won’t cut it in the future. Like we said before, people expect more because they know they can get more. What do you think would work better: a clothing store says, ‘sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news, stock updates and any new lines we’re introducing!’ Another clothing store says ‘sign up to our newsletter for all our latest news and get a 15% off voucher on your next purchase.’

The answer is pretty simple, right?

Planning is key here as it takes time to discover what you can offer to your audience. This can range from videos, infographics, e-books, worksheets and more – content that comes with more content.

4. Mobile will be number one

The first thing we’ll hear for any new website launch or similar product is: ‘get it to work on mobile first.’  It’s quite surprising just how many businesses don’t have a mobile optimised site.  Having one is crucial. The number of people browsing on their phones is increasing and will continue to increase, so making sure your website works effectively on a mobile device will be crucial for success in 2015.

5. More businesses will get on board

We’ve got the top businesses who are making the most of brand journalism. They’ve got content marketing completely figured out – they know to deliver high value content to their audiences at the right place, at the right time. And now smaller businesses are getting involved. They’ve seen what content marketing can do and they want a piece of it. What’s amazing is that these smaller businesses could be in a better place. They’ll have new resources, new ideas and new audiences.

6. Branding will soar

A brand is more than just a website, or an app. It involves everything your business has to offer and that’s how you can differentiate yourself. Determine what your core is, whether that be your website, a particular service, or a print magazine, for example. Everything else your business offers are brand extensions, that all make up your brand. So your core could be a website. Then your brand extensions could include social media, a print magazine, your services, your blog, an e-book, your newsletter – the possibilities are endless. The tone and style of a brand will be consistent, which comes even more from creating content that audiences want to read.

7. Listening will become highly important

Businesses won’t just be able to create blog post after blog post soon. Listening to data, your audience and also your instincts will be crucial. Doing what everyone else is doing won’t get a business anywhere in the future. But the scary thing is, is there such a thing as an original idea anymore? There is, if you listen and think carefully about it. It will be a big change in the way content is created.

8. Content promotion will be crucial

In 2015, content will demand to be shared. Businesses will invite readers to create, share and discuss their own ideas based on a piece of content. But the only way you can make that happen is if you promote your content. Writing a piece of content is one part of the equation, but what good is it if it is just left on your blog? Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as a few tweets every hour or so. Scheduling content promotions takes time and skill and will definitely play a big role in businesses this year.




To put it in a short and sweet way, content marketing is changing for the better. In just a short time, it will be the phrase on everyone’s lips in this industry. And here at SilverEGG, we’re geared up and ready to go.